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740 lb./ft torque @ 4900 rpm.
This engine is fully assembled from intake to oil pan.
Important note.
Our user id is: skipwhite, and our store name is whiteperformance1. You may have noticed other sellers using a similar name offering similar products. These other sellers have capitalized on our name as we see it, and many customers searching for us will inadvertently find them, thinking we are one in the same company. There is only one "Skip White." We are the original premier seller under this name since approximately 2003. We have no other names, nor are we associated with any other company regardless of the similarity in the name or location. Our official company name is Skip White Performance. Please see the article in the lower part of this ad for a more detailed explanation.
The CVF 8 rib Serpentine kit is one of the highest quality setups on the market. All of the brackets and pulleys are made in the USA from billet aluminum. Many similar front accessory kits use a 6 rib design, and are made from cast/machined parts. We also offer this setup with an air conditioning compressor, and a power steering delete if desired. This accessory system comes in polished aluminum or powder coated black.
We also offer our engines with a lower cost basic front accessory kit, with electric water pump option and with no turn-key options at all (base engine). See all our engine listings.

Our engines can also be built for use in marine applications. Pictured below is one of our bbc engines in a customer's boat.

We also offer our engines with a lower cost basic front accessory kit, with electric water pump option and with no turn-key options at all (base engine). See all our engine listings. We also offer our bbc engines setup with a blower as pictured below.

DSC09844 (1)















Pump gas friendly.

Our 572 Hydraulic Roller cam engine will produce right at 740 horse power at approx. 5900 rpm. The build sheet is at the lower part of this listing. This engine is an excellent choice for use in classic street rods, sport trucks, 4x4 trucks, and can be used as a daily driver. High mileage use is not a problem with this engine. This is engine may also be set up for use in larger work trucks, motor homes and for marine use.

This engine will produce more than triple the horse power of the original bbc 396, 427 and 454's and an enormous amount of torque. For those wanting to put this engine in a classic car or sport truck, select cam choice # 1 or # 2 with the single plane intake. This engine will deliver very impressive power in the lower rpm range, and have a very high degree of drivability and long life.

Our machinists/engine builders have many years of experience in building racing engines. This very critical work is done to exacting specs and with great care. Many vendors do not have machinists with the experience or the proper equipment that we are fortunate to have. We have built engines that cost upwards of $50,000. All of our engine builders have been in the engine machining and engine building line of work for their entire working lives. Their ages range from 44 to 70. We have a total of ten machinists/engine builders.

Two year warranty, see details below.

This engine is designed to have a high level of drivability, or street manners. Cams #2 and #3 are our favorites for offering exceptional low end and mid range performance plus max drivability without needing to deepen final gearing or the need for a high stall speed torque converter.

Please read the cam info provided below on the four cam choices before purchasing this engine. It is very important that you choose the correct cam and intake for your vehicle and its intended purpose.

Here are a few good reasons why we think the 572 engine is a better choice than the stock GM bbc engine.

1. The 572 will accelerate any heavy car much better than any of the smaller cubic inch bbc engines.

2. The exhaust note from this big block engine is much deeper than that of any of the smaller cubic inch bbc engines.

3. Installing this engine in heavy cars or trucks without killing acceleration, or having to deepen the final gear, and needing a huge stall converter is a real plus.

4. Very low maintenance with a high level of drivability.

5. Longevity and reliability. You don't have to turn the engine to a critical rpm range to produce its max hp output. There's nothing unsafe about running an engine that's well built with high quality parts up to 5900 rpm or less depending on cam choice. The hydraulic roller cam is very reliable and will not require a bronze distributor gear.

6. Should you ever decide to sell your car or truck with this engine, the resale value would be greatly increased.

We do a full test run on every engine we build on a test mule. When you install the engine, you must verify that the timing is set at the correct value, and the fuel to air ratio must be verified. We also include an engine stand like the one pictured, wheels included, and an engine lift plate.

The build sheet is as follows:


We now use the New Generation Dart blocks in our BBC 572 engine builds. The New Generation Dart block is light years ahead in overall construction as compared to any of the other blocks on the market. Dimensional specs are spot on, and this has been an issue with other blocks we have used in the past. Many of the top engine builders, ourselves included, have found the new Dart block to be superior to the earlier generation Big M series Dart block in many ways.

Dart Machinery has completely redesigned the Big M series Block. They have incorporated numerous improvements and new features to virtually every area of the block.

The block is bored to size with our Centroid touch probe machine. Few machine shops have a machine of this accuracy.

We also deck the blocks to an RA finish of approx. 15 or better. The decking procedure is also done by our Centroid CNC machine.

We often find many brand new blocks to have a sloping deck of up to 4 thous. When we're finished decking the block, it is within approx. .001 accuracy from end to end. Many machine shops fail to catch this as the machinery they use does not allow for such accuracy.

We then plate hone the block with our new Sunnen SV15 diamond hone machine. This is also a very advanced machine that hones the block with a finish unlike conventional machines.

The final step is to clean the block in our high pressure block washer.


Crankshaft Specs.

Crankshaft: Genuine Scat
Crankshaft Stroke: 4.375"
Crankshaft Material : 4340 Forged.
Journal Diameter: STD BBC
Rear Main Seal: 2pc RMS
Connecting Rod Specs.
Rods: Genuine Scat
Rod Type: Scat H-Beam
Rod Length: 6.385
Rod Material: Forged 4340 Alloy.
Rod Bolt/Cap Screw: ARP 8740 Cap Screws.
Piston & Ring Specs.
Pistons: Wiseco Fully Forged. Fully machined Crown, High Performance for street/strip use.
Piston Size: 4.560"
Dome Volume: Dome Top
Compression Height: 1.218
Piston Material: Forged 2618 Aircraft Alloy
Piston Rings: Mahle High Performance, Moly, Standard Tension.
Ring Size and Fit: 1/16 1/16 3/16.
Ring Material: Cast/Stainless/Moly
Bearing, Damper, and Flexplate Specs.
Main Bearings: Clevite HP High Performance Series.
Rod Bearings: Clevite HP High Performance Series.
Balance: In House on CWT balancer.
Damper: ATI Super Damper SFI Internally balanced.
Flexplate: Heavy Duty SFI 168 tooth or 153 tooth. Manual Trans. flywheels available. See upgrade and option list below.
Listed below is a complete breakdown of all the parts that are included in this engine.


The Wiseco forged pistons are rated very high in the street/strip performance industry. They are made using the 2618 aircraft alloy and have fully machined crowns. We prefer the 2618 alloy over the lower cost 4032 alloy. The 4032 alloy may fragment from the effects of detonation and if this happens, it can be very destructive to the engine. Those types of pistons are fine for stock or mild engine builds, but should never be used in carbureted engines built to high horse power levels. The forged 2618 alloy piston is much more resistant to the effects of detonation and heat.
Our Wiseco Forged pistons are custom designed with an increase in compression height. This has many advantages. Here are a few facts about compression height and deck height.

Our custom made Wiseco pistons have a compression height that is .010 taller on bbc pistons, and .015 taller on sbc pistons, as compared to most all of the catalog pistons on the market. We find this to be a very valuable feature. Since our pistons sit at a taller than normal compression height, we only have to remove approx. .005-.010 off the deck surface of the block. Our goal is set the piston at zero deck (flush with the deck surface). This maintains the deck's thickness, making it much stronger than a block that has been cut down .025. The engine will also run a bit cooler with a thicker deck. It's well known that the deck dissipates much of the built up heat an engine generates. This also allows for future deck re-surfacing without compromising the integrity of the block. On our bbc engines, we actually leave the piston about .003 to .005 in the hole to allow for possible piston rock. Our sbc engines will have the pistons setting right at zero with the deck.

You may have noticed that our Wiseco custom made forged pistons are referred to as Racing Pistons on the package. This does not mean that the pistons are for racing only. This is a generic term, referring to their ability to be used in high performance applications as well as for street rod use. These pistons are perfectly designed for use on the street, as well as for medium to upper level drag racing.

We have built approximately 15,000, (yes fifteen thousand, not a typo) engines using the Wiseco pistons. The engines have been for street rod and strip use. We have seen no problems, nor have there been any complaints. They are an excellent product in every respect.

These pistons are also suitable for use with nitrous or blower setups.


Scat 4340 Forged Crankshaft.

Some of the benefits of the Scat crankshaft supplied with this assembly:

The material used in this crankshaft is manufactured from an exclusive Space Age material that was designed for high strength and fatigue resistance. The Scat cranks are the best value you will ever find. The Scat crankshafts are the best way to build a strong bottom end for street rods, dirt and circle track racing, and drag strip racing. This crank is suitable for use up to approx. 800+ hp.

Crank Polishing.

Our choice of rods are the Genuine Scat brand heavy duty 6.385 H-beam rods with ARP cap screws.

We use genuine Scat rods with ARP cap screws in all of our engines. Our Scat rods are bronze bushed, and unlike Eagle I beam rods, these are fully forged 4340 alloy.

We have noticed some engine builders using low cost generic rods and crankshafts in their engines. These non-branded, (no-name) products are often poor quality in many ways. You will notice many of the low end engine builders fail to mention the actual brand of the rods or cranks used in their engines. Upon further investigation, you will find such parts not to be a branded name product. They may label these parts with a name, but one that is totally unrecognizable in the industry. Our experience in years past with such rods and cranks has been disappointing to say the least. Besides the obvious issues such as incorrect sizing and machining that is difficult to correct, the questionable alloy these items may be produced from, and the potentially incorrect heat treating methods used, could prove to be disastrous. Little can be done to verify this and nothing can be done to correct it. Failures of such critical parts will usually result in catastrophic damage to the engine. As you may have noticed, this is why we specify the brand name and series of every part used in our engines.

Many of the inferior "no-name" rods on the market will also have "no-name" rod bolts in them. We have seen these bolts before, and they are very low quality. They don't have ARP's rolled thread design, and they don't torque down with the same characteristics as a genuine ARP bolt. It's not just a matter of having a different brand bolt in the rods; these bolts are low quality in many ways. They have been known to fail in engines to a much greater degree than a high quality rod bolt, and this failure usually causes catastrophic damage in the engine. Beware of rods that don't mention the rod bolt brand. As far as we're concerned, ARP bolts are the only brand we would ever use or accept in a set of rods.

Genuine ARP 8740 cap screws.



We did not offer this billet timing pointer in the past. However, we noticed that there was a birds-eye view of the timing pointer from the driver side of the engine, so we decided to use these on all of our engines.


This SFI flexplate is made in the USA and will resist cracking and warpage to a very high degree. One good telltale in identifying a low quality flexplate is the lack of welding on each side where the plate mates to the ring gear. They usually have a pale grey color to them, as they are not coated, and will rust quickly. Ours are welded on both sides, and are much thicker than an OE plate, and are zinc dichromate coated.

We do offer this engine with an SFI billet manual flywheel. In most cases we do have both sizes, 153 and 168 tooth, available.

Our CWT 5500 Balancer.

We do our own balancing with our new state of the art CWT 5500 Series balancers. The CWT 5500 is the ultimate for precision balancing. We now have three of these in our machine shop. We consider this machine to be highly advanced compared to the Hines balancer we once used. We balance every rotating assembly we sell within 2 grams or less at no extra charge. A balance sheet is included with your engine.

Three new CWT balance machines under one roof is a rare sight.

Our crew wrapping up for the day. Pardon the mess.

Bravo aluminum cylinder heads. 335cc runner size.

Assembled by us with premium PBM competition grade valves, Melling springs, Comp retainers, Comp Viton valve seals, Comp spring ID locators, Comp 10 degree locks.

Notice the multi angle valve seat cut. These heads are designed to very high standards.

Below are the actual flow numbers for our Bravo bbc heads. These numbers are true and accurate. The testing methods we use are considered to be on the conservative side. Some choose to show flow charts for their heads that have been done in a way that shows numbers that are misleading in our opinion. We use the Bravo heads on most all of our bbc engines builds all the way up to the 572 engine. The horse power numbers they produce are exceptional as compared to any of the low to mid range priced heads on the market.

Intake Flow
Exhaust Flow


Fel Pro 1057 premium race grade series head gaskets, ARP head bolts, and rocker studs.


We are offering four cam choices listed below in this engine. Read the specs carefully.


The new Ultra Pro Magnum™ Roller Rocker Arms not only live up to the lofty standards of the original Pro Magnums™, but they also take stud mount rocker performance, stability and value to a whole new level. The modern arched, web-like design delivers increased strength and rigidity while still reducing the moment of inertia and optimizing the dynamic balance.

Important notice.
If you've read our warning on engine builders using low grade no-name rods and cranks, a similar situation exists in the roller rocker market. We do not use or sell off-shore, (no-name) roller rockers, period. They have proven to be faulty in many ways. The center trunnions are not polished, nor is the center of the roller tip true to size or polished. Metal fragments are often left inside the trunnion housing and will cause destruction of the needle bearings. The aluminum alloys used are never aircraft aluminum alloys as are used in all USA made roller rockers. They often mention the alloy as being 6061, and that is a very soft form of aluminum. The 6061 alloy used on these will assure rocker-flex on any higher than stock spring pressures, and this will affect performance. The pins and keepers that hold the parts together are often of poor quality and improperly installed. The front roller will usually scoot along the valve tip, as it can't roll properly due to rough internal surfaces.

We have honestly seen valve tips that were scalloped out due to the front roller dragging across them. This will cause the valves to side-load against the valve guides in the heads and surely cause damage to them if run like this for very long.

We have scrutinized these products in the past and found all of the above problems, and I can tell you there are most likely many more. We would not use them in an engine under any circumstances. You will also see many of these rockers made from stainless on the market. They use a low grade stainless that actually has a near non-existent amount of nickel in them, but that's not the real problem with them, as stainless steel has no advantage over high grade heat treated steel when it comes to a roller rocker. The lack of hardness of the rocker body is the real problem. The problems with these stainless rockers are the same as mentioned above. These are the roller rockers you see on the market for around $119 and up to $169 for the so called stainless ones. They are pure junk, in our honest opinion. They could possibly be used on a budget back yard stock build up that has a very low spring pressure, with a cam that has very low lift, but then you would be better off with the stock stamped rockers on such a build.

We have heard of many engines using these rockers that came apart and spilled needle bearings into the engine, only to end up in the oil pump. It seems like some engine builders do not care how long the parts in your engine last, or they simply don't know this. I can tell you for sure that using such low grade, "no-name" roller rockers is asking for trouble.

We use Comp Ultra Pro Magnum rockers in all of our BBC engines. The difference in these compared to the low grade no-name rockers on the market is huge.

Premium Morel Hydraulic Roller Lifters.

We use Trend brand premium pushrods in all of our engines. They are lightweight in design, yet very strong. Made in the USA from 4130 chromoly steel. Regular hardened pushrods will most likely flex in the engine when running above normal RPM ranges, and risk bending under high RPM. These do not have the welded ball on the end. We only use the swedged one pc. design, which is a well proven design far superior to the style many others use in engines. 4130 chromoly steel is also much stronger, and will resist flexing. When a pushrod flexes in the engine, you lose lift. Don't be misled by the term "hardened," as this is nothing more than a stock style low cost push rod. They will flex in the engine or possibly bend permanently.

Our choice of lifters are the Morel brand tie bar lifters. These lifters are much costlier than the regular tie bar roller lifters, and have many unique features. Engines using cam choice 1 will have the Comp Short Travel or Gaterman Max Effort lifters in them.

Pictured below is our Speedmaster single plane intake. We also offer the Edelbrock satin RPM Air Gap intake as an alternate choice at no extra charge.

1-147-022 BBC SINGLE PLANE INTAKE photo 617gRv6hyNL._SL1500__1.jpg


Cam Choice # 1 By Comp Cams.

Part number: 01-461-8

575/575 lift.

254/260 duration

112 lobe sep.

Cam choice # 1 offers decent drivability and excellent mid range power. Valve train stability and longevity are excellent with this cam. Max power will be achieved at approx. 5900 rpm. You may use the single plane intake with this cam and not affect the low end power to any noticeable amount. This cam has a very aggressive (lopey/choppy) sound at idle.

Cam choice # 1 will allow you to run a stall converter in the 2500-3000 rpm range. Final gearing when used in a car or sport truck could actually be in the 3.30 range or even taller. Transmissions with overdrive may be used but driving in overdrive at highway speeds with rpm numbers below 2000 may pose a problem. This cam would be most suitable in vehicles weighing up to 4500 lbs or less. This cam may not develop enough vacuum to operate power brakes. A vac. storage canister may be required.

Below are our dyno results on our 572 engines with cam choice # 1. Your results may vary depending on intake choice. The horse power numbers will always improve anywhere from 5-10 more than what the dyno results show after the rings have fully seated.

Official Dyno Results on this cam in our 572 pump gas engine with a single plane intake, Bravo 335 rectangular port heads, 1050 Brawler carburetor, and MSD distributor.

bbc 572 575/575 1050 brawler photo 44d1ed4b-a4b3-4545-90a4-d0e70c661ceb.jpg

bbc 572 575/575 1050 brawler graph photo 1cc33aac-b078-41fe-8b66-83e6970e59ec.jpg

Official Dyno Results on this cam in our 572 pump gas engine with a single plane intake, Bravo 335 rectangular port heads, 1050 Brawler carburetor, and MSD distributor.

575/575 dyno 572 photo 58c5a167-1c1a-44e5-8038-632c3a3b76b0.jpg

575/575 graph 572 photo f8a8326c-a27a-4939-8e83-0602853e3b96.jpg

Official Dyno Results on this cam in our 572 pump gas engine with a single plane intake and new Bravo 335 rectangular port heads. Compression ratio was 10.2:1 Cam used was our Comp 575/575 lift hyd. roller.

572 single dyno photo 4b2d8579-d052-4e52-9199-8faaca2af686.jpg

bbc 572 single dyno graph photo e7d7b7e3-b767-4f53-9933-1a419df231a6.jpg

Cam Choice # 2 By Comp Cams.
Part number: 01-456-8

566/566 lift.

242/248 duration

112 lobe sep.

Cam choice # 2 offers a slight increase of bottom end torque compared to cam choice # 1. This cam selection is the best choice for cars that have medium to tall gearing. This cam will allow the engine to operate well in the 2000 rpm range. Very good acceleration with improved street manners. The peak horse power falls about 15-20 under cam choice # 1. This cam would also be excellent for medium to heavy vehicles. Max power is achieved at approx. 5700 or less. This cam has been very popular for those more concerned about drivability and outright longevity of the valve train and engine. The valve train wear with this cam would be very low. Off idle power is very good. We see no drawbacks to going with this cam. The power in the low rpm range is amazing. Vacuum should be enough for operating power brakes.

The combination below was done with this cam using a single plain intake. The HP numbers are excellent.

Official Dyno report with this cam choice, AFR heads, a dual plane intake, a Holley Super Sniper fuel injection system, and an MSD distributor. The torque in the low rpm range with the EFI system is very impressive.

572 w/566-566 cam super sniper dyno photo 1a210250-7b77-4a4f-b9a8-208bc7d2969e.jpg

572 w/566-566 cam super sniper graph photo fb24254b-3b10-4349-9e99-7bbeea984bba.jpg

Cam Choice # 3 By Comp Cams.
Part number: 01-451-8

547/547 lift.


112 lobe sep.

Cam choice # 3 offers a huge amount of bottom end torque. Throttle response is instant with this cam selection. This cam selection is the best choice for cars that have very tall gearing or overdrive transmissions. This cam will allow the engine to operate well in the 1800 rpm range. Excellent acceleration and street manners. The peak horse power falls an additional amount of about 15-20 under cam choice # 2. This cam would also be excellent for medium to heavy vehicles, and 4x4 pickups. Max power is achieved at approx. 5500 or less. This cam has been very popular for those more concerned about drivability and outright longevity of the valve train and engine engine. The valve train wear with this cam would be virtually non-existent. Off idle power is excellent. We see no drawbacks to going with this cam. The power in the low to mid rpm range is amazing. Vacuum should be enough for operating power brakes. Long range cruising and operating air conditioning is not an issue with this cam.

Official Dyno report with this cam choice, Bravo heads, a dual plane intake, a Brawler 850 carb, and an HEI distributor. This cam produces an immense amount of torque in the low rpm range. We highly recommend this cam for applications that desire very high amounts of torque in the low rpm range.

CAM CHOICE THREE FOR THE 572 MOTOR 547/547 NEW photo 89adbf69-1dbc-49ce-8999-98007469908f.jpg
547/547 CAM CHOICE 3 FOR THE 572 photo dd29c68a-f872-41fb-a4eb-b9f5390bea96.jpg

We have several different options in valve covers. Here are our most popular choices:

These are just a few of our popular valve covers you may choose from. We do have several more choices to select from in our other listings at no additional cost.

Timing components: SA Gear 8999T billet double roller timing set.

Polished Aluminum Timing Cover.

resized timing cover 2 photo 10eae791-af95-4125-b534-76c3c7a69f73.jpgSA GEAR TIMING SET photo b8d65904-41f4-4620-ae13-76480c987d33.jpg

We use the top of the line SA Gear timing set with a torrington bearing and rolon chain. The difference in quality is dramatic compared to the common low-cost timing set. The upper sprocket is made from billet steel and the lower is induction hardened with nine keyways. These sets are hand matched for selective sizing.

The cost on this high end timing set is approx $97.50, more than double the cost of the low level budget timing set used by many other engine builders. Should you ever want to confirm that this is what is actually in your engine, you can remove the timing cover, and you will see that this timing set is very different in appearance to the run of the mill low cost sets often used by others.

This timing set is offered in three different chain tension setups, allowing us to set it up perfectly every time. One more benefit is that timing accuracy is very precise and will remain that way. This timing set will likely last for the life of the engine. This is what you will find in most solid roller engines, as they have very high spring rates, and create an enormous load on the chain and gears, compared to non solid roller setups. It may seem like a bit of overkill to use such a high end timing set, but the versatility and extreme quality outweigh the cost, in our opinion.

Champ premium oil pan.
The oil pans we use on all of our engines are made in the USA by Champ. The Champ oil pan has a full windage tray, crank scraper, and trap door. Threaded dipstick is included. Extreme duty pickup designed not to fail. The oil pan is made from a thicker than normal gauge material, and has embossed ribs in the body.

The 8 qt Champ oil pan has kickouts that swell outward approx. 3 inches on each side. If you think you will encounter clearance issues with the kickouts, we recommend opting for the stock appearing 6 qt. oil pan. The 6 qt. pan will still be a Champ pan and will have the windage tray and crank scraper. We strongly recommend reducing the amount of oil used in these oil pans by approx. 1/4 to 1/2 a quart. Doing this may greatly reduce the chance of oil leaks, and reduce oil temps. The larger counter weights used on stroker crankshafts are why we recommend reducing the oil capacity in these engines.

To be clear on what we're saying, we would like to see you add right at 7.0 to 7.5 quarts of oil grand total in your engine and oil filter when using the higher capacity oil pan that has the flat ribbed bottom with kickouts on the side. When using the stock appearing oil pan, we would like to see you add right at 5.5 to 5.75 quarts grand total in your engine and oil filter.

Our engines include a dipstick. It's very important that you re-calibrate the oil level marking on the dipstick. This is due to the fact that the dipstick, oil pan, and block are all made from various manufacturers and we often see great variances. Couple this with the fact that you may be running a reduced amount of oil, and the "full" mark on the dipstick will most likely not indicate correctly. Once you have put a predetermined amount of oil in your engine, and run it for a few minutes, let it sit for awhile on level ground, check the oil, and mark your dipstick with a flat file to re-establish the full mark.

The quality of these pans far exceed any of the lower priced oil pans used on many engines.

We do not use the knock off oil pan gaskets on the market. Felpro premium oil pan gaskets are used on all of our engines.

Pictured below is a file photo. The actual Felpro gasket used will be the correct model for this application.

Studded Mini Nut Set.

We use our premium studded mini nut set on all of our oil pans and valve covers. The nuts have a serrated face and built in washers. This is the ultimate set for securing the oil pan and valve covers to the engine and is far superior to the typical bolts used by most other engine builders. Our standard engine color is black. Custom paint work on engine blocks and oil pans is available as an optional upgrade. The pictures above and below are file photos to display the studded mini nuts. Other items seen in these pictures may not represent your actual engine.

Melling # 10774 M-Select Oil Pump, and M-Select Drive rod with ARP stud.

RE-SIZED M-SELECT OIL PUMP photo ead7d257-d0df-41cb-82e2-93aade88ccfb_1.jpg photo 2581f02f-7d05-4fda-8475-a4e20b6e58cd.jpg

The M-Select series oil pump by Melling has several important upgrades compared to the regular Melling M-77 Series used by many engine builders. The gears are billet steel, and the body is stronger, coated with corrosion-resistant nitrite. This oil pump also includes the M-Select drive rod. Both components are far superior to the regular Melling oil pump and drive rods used by most other engine builders. The M-Select oil pump is nearly three times the cost of the regular M-77.

We include an engine lift plate and heavy duty engine stand with casters with every engine we build.

Our new 572 engine is premium pump gas friendly. Do not run regular 87 octane in this engine, premium only,(91-93 octane). Should you ever hear any sign of pinging or clatter (spark knock) in the engine when accelerating, reduce timing one or two degrees and/or invest in a high quality octane boost additive.


For those with heavy vehicles, such as 4x4 quad cab trucks, 3/4 ton trucks, and crew cab/ex-cab trucks, Suburbans, plus trucks that may do light to medium trailer towing, we strongly recommend the de-tuned version of this engine.

We have dyno tested the original creation of this engine with every cam and intake choice available extensively. We now include the engine test mule run at no additional cost. The engine is thoroughly tested for leaks, vibration, unusual noises, overall engine sound and feel.


We offer this engine with selected upgrades and options. Listed below are some of the most requested ones. Many not only improve performance, but further enhance the reliability and longevity of your engine, along with resale value.

Edelbrock Pro-Flo 4 XT EFI System. This has become a very popular upgrade on many of our engines. For those not wanting to deal with the potential quirks of a carburetor, this is the way to go. This is a true fuel injection system with 8 injectors, (one per cylinder). Drivability becomes vastly improved over a carb or standard throttle body efi. Throttle response in the low to mid rpm range is superior to that of a carburetor. Startup and warm-up are also greatly improved. Tuning stays spot on regardless of altitude or weather conditions. These systems make it very easy to tweak the tuning on your engine to better serve your application. Our engine room crew has found the Edelbrock Pro-Flo system to be a very straightforward setup. This system comes with its own high energy variable ignition system. The timing is controlled through the built in ECU. The Pro-Flo system has a slightly higher cost, but is well worth it, in our very strong opinion. Our company founder, Skip White, stated that he has no problems with running a carb on a street rod engine, but the ability to tune the engine to perfection and the fact that fuel metering is so perfect with the Pro-Flo system has changed how he thinks an engine should receive its fuel and air, and variable ignition timing allows for max power when driving under optimal conditions. The difference in drive between the two is vast, to say the least. Consider the fact that by the time you purchase a carb for an engine of this size and the ignition system, plus receiving credit for the intake manifold that would otherwise be used to accommodate the carb, the difference to move up to the Pro-Flo system is not much in cost. We have installed approximately 50 of these on engines in our dyno room, and have yet to encounter any problems.

This system provides you with a high performance Pro-Flo XT-style intake and 90mm throttle body. Unlike regular throttle body EFI systems, Pro-Flo 4 features the fuel rails and individual injectors for each cylinder mounted on the manifold. This Edelbrock design produces the best fuel atomization and distribution for the ultimate performance, as well as delivering the most control and the most efficient way to deliver fuel to your engine. Along with innovative design, Pro-Flo 4 systems have the latest technology with an all-new ECU, and even more features for advanced tuning, with the key being their exclusive E-Tuner app with base calibrations developed on their dyno.

Cost for this upgrade is calculated by taking the retail difference between the intake manifold that comes with this engine and the retail cost of the Edelbrock Pro-Flo System. This is a great value with many benefits, in our opinion. You can see this and other upgrade options in our ebay store under the "UPGRADES" category, or simply do a search with the key word, "Upgrade" in the search bar when shopping in our ebay store. Before you finalize your purchase of this assembly you may add any of these upgrades to your shopping cart.

SFI Rated Billet Steel flywheel upgrade/option for manual transmission. Upgrade to a SFI billet steel flywheel 168-tooth or 153-tooth for manual transmissions. We highly recommend the SFI billet steel flywheel for those running hard. These are fully cnc'd and far superior in many ways compared to the regular cast iron flywheel.

Cost for the SFI billet flywheel option is $169.00 We have this upgrade/option featured in our other listings. There will be a Chevy 153 tooth and a Chevy 168 tooth size available. Be sure you know the size you need. You can see this and other upgrade options in our ebay store under the "UPGRADES" category, or simply do a search with the key word, "Upgrade" in the search bar when shopping in our ebay store. Before you finalize your purchase of this engine you may add any of these upgrades to your shopping cart. Please go to the "UPGRADES" category of our store to add upgrades.

ARP-2000 rod bolts: This is one upgrade that we find to be very valuable. The rod bolts are most likely to fail under hard use, moreso than the rod itself. When a rod bolt fails during high RPM, total engine destruction is usually the result. The ARP-2000 rod bolts are a very good upgrade, in our opinion. We actually have few, if any, problems with the regular ARP-8740 bolts, but those who run hard always upgrade to the ARP-2000 rod bolts. The ARP-2000 rod bolts also torque at a higher number, and this increased clamping force is also a factor in keeping the big end of the rod stable and true to size. The ARP-2000 bolts are installed in the rods and this upgrade is only available with the Competition rod upgrade.

Cost of this upgrade is $89.50 We have this upgrade featured in our other listings. You can see this and other upgrade options in our ebay store under the "UPGRADES" category, or simply do a search with the key word, "Upgrade" in the search bar when shopping in our ebay store. Before you finalize your purchase of this engine, you may add any of these upgrades to your shopping cart. Please go to the "UPGRADES" category of our store to add upgrades.

Wiseco BoostLine Rods and Tool Steel Wrist Pin upgrade. For those wanting ultimate protection in their engine, this upgrade is the answer. The Pro-Pac kit comes with the Wiseco BoostLine rods, tool steel thick wall wrist pins, and ARP 2000 rod bolts. This is an excellent upgrade for those running any type of forced induction, (blowers, NOS, twin turbo, high compression builds). This is also an excellent upgrade for those running naturally aspirated street rod engines. Connecting rod or rod bolts and/or wrist pin failures will usually cause catastrophic damage to the engine. The Pro-Pac kit can handle horse power levels in the 2,000+ range. The 4340 alloy has been through a very special heat treating process. These rods are what we use on all of our extreme high HP applications. As mentioned, this is also an excellent upgrade for medium HP builds that may encounter some hard run time. BBC engines that have been stroked above 4.250 can greatly benefit from this setup. It's well known that engines with long stroke cranks have a greatly increased load on the rods and wrist pins when encountering rpm in the upper ranges. We consider this upgrade very valuable for those that encounter any serious running. The Pro-Pac upgrade includes three actual upgrades: the rods, tool steel wrist pins, and the ARP 2000 rod bolts. Our company founder, Skip White, sums this upgrade up in a few words: "bullet proof." The idea that when you bring your engine rpm up to its limits, and know that the breaking point is often not far away, this upgrade offers a great amount of protection from what could be total engine destruction.

Cost of this upgrade is $960.00 We have this upgrade featured in our other listings. You can see this and other upgrade options in our ebay store under the "UPGRADES" category, or simply do a search with the key word, "Upgrade" in the search bar when shopping in our ebay store. Before you finalize your purchase of this engine, you may add any of these upgrades to your shopping cart. Please go to the "UPGRADES" category of our store to add upgrades.

BoostLine connecting rods are designed from the ground up for high-power forced induction and nitrous applications as well as naturally aspirated engines. A patented 3-pocket design, forged from a special 4340 alloy, maximizes strength while minimizing rotating weight. This revolutionary design dramatically improves the rod's big-end stability under tensile loads and provides a 60% improvement in bending strength and 20% stress reduction in tension compared to H-beam designs. All of these benefits make BoostLine rods ideal for any street rod or racing engine.

In addition to BoostLine's innovative design, comprehensive real-world testing, finite element analysis, and meticulous quality control ensure that all BoostLine rods are fit for 2,000-plus horsepower (8-cylinder applications).

All BoostLine rods include high-quality ARP 2000 bolts. Every rod is inspected and finish-honed in America in addition to being analyzed on a Zeiss CMM as part of the final inspection. A detailed inspection report measuring to .0001 in. is provided with every set of BoostLine rods.

Also included with this upgrade are the JE tool steel wrist pins

For high-impact, drag race, and endurance applications, JE Pistons offers the Series 52 wrist pins. These pins are constructed from 52100 high carbon bearing steel and through-hardened for added stability. All JE pistons are super-finished on both the outside and inside diameters to help reduce piston pin bore wear and minimize fatigue cracking, adding to the overall strength and reliability of the wrist pins. Employing the latest in technology and quality control, the Series 52 wrist pins are checked for the tiniest flaws and to ensure the roundness of each pin. JE Pistons Series 52 wrist pins are available in a variety of lengths, diameters, and wall thicknesses. They are specifically developed for use with JE pistons.

Polished Speedmaster intake upgrade: The polished intake upgrade is very popular, and certainly adds a bright fresh look to your engine.

Cost for the polished intake upgrade is $61.00 We have this upgrade featured in our other listings. You can see this and other upgrade options in our ebay store under the "UPGRADES" category, or simply do a search with the key word, "Upgrade" in the search bar when shopping in our ebay store. Before you finalize your purchase of this engine, you may add any of these upgrades to your shopping cart. Please go to the "UPGRADES" category of our store to add upgrades.
Dyno Tuning: This is one of the most important upgrade/options we offer. There are many benefits to this service. The engine is first run at fast idle to bring the water and oil temp up to normal operating temperature. It is then run for approx. 20 minutes under a simulated load at around 3k rpm to promote initial ring seating. After this, the engine is shut down to allow us to check the readings on the spark plugs, and for any possible oil leaks. This cool down is considered part of the engine's first heat cycle. We then follow up with multiple low to medium rpm runs to further the break-in process of all the moving parts in the engine. During these multiple runs, we are paying close attention to the EGT, (exhaust gas temp) readings, vacuum pump readings, oil temp and pressure, coolant temp, and overall engine sound. At this point, we start the actual dyno tuning process and this focuses around the air to fuel ratio numbers and what timing numbers produce peak power. We usually have to change carb. jetting several times, adjust the idle circuits, and the air-bleeds occasionally have to be changed. We then establish the engine's full horse power and torque numbers at a given rpm limit.

Having your engine dyno tuned will allow it to run its absolute best, and is very important in protecting the engine from potential damage caused by the carburetor running excessively rich or lean. This also establishes the engine's hp output and max rpm. These numbers are very important to know. There is one more value we consider just as important to what we have mentioned above. An engine that has been dyno tuned has also been validated to be in perfect operating condition. This is something that running the engine on a test mule can't provide. Any problems the engine may have will show up during the dyno tuning process. We have on rare occasion seen a popular combination show hp numbers that were not where they should be. Some of these problems give no indication other than reduced hp numbers. We find and fix such problems. The problem may be something simple and easy to find and in some cases very difficult to pinpoint. We will not send the engine out until it's perfect. If you choose not to purchase the dyno tuning package, we will still do a test mule run, as many engine builders do, and it certainly is better than nothing but pales in comparison to a full dyno tuning. When engines are dyno tuned, the chances of you having a problem are near non-existent. Unforeseen problems may still, occur but they are rare. We have kept the cost on this extensive procedure low to not only make it affordable, but it gives us great peace of mind knowing the engine will be in perfect operating condition when it is received. The cost to do a repair once the engine is installed can be very expensive for both us the seller and the customer. When you see the final dyno run of your engine on youtube, consider the fact that approximately five man hours, around $25.00 worth of fuel, oil and filter and $105K worth of dyno equipment went into making that one minute final test run video.

Cost of the full dyno tune option is $350.00 We have this upgrade featured in our other listings. You can see this and other upgrade options in our ebay store under the "UPGRADES" category, or simply do a search with the key word, "Upgrade" in the search bar when shopping in our ebay store. Before you finalize your purchase of this engine, you may add any of these upgrades to your shopping cart. Please go to the "UPGRADES" category of our store to add upgrades.

The Super Flow is the best dyno in the industry.

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